Charles & Anne Stock, Senior Pastors

Charles and Anne Stock are river guides in the natural and in the spirit. Loving the journey, they invite and include everyone they meet, while sharing everything they have. They camp on the shores of honest friendship, run the rapids of spiritual warfare, and turn the sharp corners of God’s movement and revelation. They ‘Lewis and Clark’ their way through the new land of the kingdom, discovering its beauty and awe. With the fire of the Holy Spirit, they help blaze a trail for thousands to follow and also experience the greatness oftheir big sky God.

John & Patty Leach, Associate Pastors

John and Patty have served as key members of the Life Center pastoral staff since 1985. John has an encouragement and evangelistic style preaching gift. You must get his tapes because he can speak faster than you can think!! Patty has been nicknamed the “female Dr. Dobson” as she blends the practical aspects of family life with spiritual principles. Their greatest desire is to share the love of God and to see Jesus Christ become a reality in the lives of others. As native Pennsylvanians, they long to see the revival power of God flood this region with God’s love, power, and transforming grace. John and Patty place a high priority on the home-front as they raise three active boys and make their family an evangelistic outpost in the community.

Bryan & Marcey Leach, Youth Pastors

Bryan & Marcey have been leaders in Life Center since 1989 and they have been deeply involved in youth and nursery ministries. They are gifted to work with young people and strongly believe in drawing forth the giftings God has placed in the youth. Bryan is always on the go..if he were fitted with a traffic signal he’d be missing the red light!! He has a dynamic scripture based prophetic preaching gift and a keen sensitivity to the spirit realm. Consequently, the youth ministry at Life Center has thrived under the oversight and mentorship of this remarkable couple. They also have a heart for missions–having lead youth groups to Mexico, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. Bryan and Marcey cherish their four young children.

Ricardo & Elizabeth White, Worship Pastors

Ricardo directs Life Center’s worship and arts ministries. Ricardo’s prophetic psalmist, teaching and intercessory gifts allow him to effectively lead Life Center’s front line into victorious battle. Together, Ricardo and Elizabeth desire to make a positive impact on every life that they touch and be inspirations to all people with the power of His presence. They have committed their lives to worshipping the Lord and leading the nations to God through conferences and workshops all over the world. Ricardo and Elizabeth have two lovely children, Nikia and Ricardo II who serve on our worship team.

Eric & Esther Smith, Pastor of Prayer Ministries

Eric and Esther are the new kids on the block, joining the Life Center team in March 2007. Eric has been igniting moves of God since he first stepped into the Kingdom in 1983. He has obtained many incredible miracles, through prayer and fasting, including his lovely wife Esther in 1987. Eric and Esther move in an accurate prophetic gifting. They were previously the senior pastors of Freedom Fellowship Church in Maryland, and still provide Apostolic oversight for that ministry as well as others. They and their four exceptional children, Erika, Heather, Christina and Noah, intend, as a family, to “open the heavens” over Harrisburg.

Rick & Jolene Pickens, Communication Pastors

Rick and Jolene discovered the refreshing of Life Center in 1999 while traveling the country presenting the parables of Jesus in school assembly programs. Before their “life on the road” with daughters Morgan, Molly and Madeline, they ministered together as staff children’s pastors since 1984 from San Diego, CA to Paris, TX. Rick, who is pushing for the official title “Minister of Innovation and Creativity”, has a storytelling gift of biblical proportions, mostly because he tells bible stories, but also due to the memorable form which they are delivered. Jolene is a premiere source of encouragement to the body of Christ. God has blessed the Pickens family with a ministry of hope to a generation of destiny.

Travis & Leanna Johnston, Family Life Pastors

As the Family Life Pastors at Life Center, Travis and Leanna are building a place where children can learn, experience love, and have fun, all in the presence of God.  A Holy place is being established for our young leaders of tomorrow.  Travis and Leanna have two wonderful children whom they delight in showing the love of Jesus to in every aspect of life.

Getting Involved…Ministries of Life Center

Leanna Johnston,
MiniWave 0-5 year olds

Travis Johnston,
1st Wave Kids 1-5th grades

David Leach,
Next Generation Worship

Ben Evenson,
Heirborne Youth

Laureen Gibbel,
Adoption Connections

Ricardo White,

Eric Smith,
Prayer & Small Groups

Curt Nunemaker,
Technical Support

Gary Stepanovic,
Vault Bookstore

Rick Pickens,
Website and Stuff

Linda Yon,
Dance Art