Naturally Supernatural – Ken Fish – Oct 26 & 27

Join us for two special services with Kingdom Fire Ministries’ Ken Fish on October 26 and 27 beginning at 7 pm each night.

What does it mean to be “Naturally Supernatural”?
Jesus modeled a lifestyle of bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders, healing, deliverance and supernatural miracles to demonstrate the love of God to the world. He later told His disciples that they could do the same things and even greater things, and they did, bringing the message of hope in Jesus throughout the world. Jesus’ message and methods that He gives to His followers haven’t changed.

Ken Fish has been involved in equipping people to  “Do the Stuff” of ministry for more than 20 years. Ken was formerly on staff with Vineyard Ministries International and worked closely with John Wimber for years as  his “ghost writer” for the Vineyard conference materials. Ken leads conferences on Healing, Deliverance, Signs and Wonders and Hearing God’s voice. Ken has a humorous, laid-back style that lends itself to helping others become naturally supernatural

Here is more info about Ken:

Ken Fish is a native of the Los Angeles area and an honor graduate of Princeton University in History and Philosophy of Religion. He concentrated on the history of late antiquity and the early middle ages and on the writings of the early church fathers. He subsequently earned his Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with emphases in theology and intercultural communications. Ken also holds an MBA in finance and strategy from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.

Ken has worked with parachurch ministries throughout his life, most notably for Vineyard Ministries International, where he ghost-wrote many of the conference materials and sermons that were the hallmarks of the Vineyard movement in the 1980s and 1990s. He has traveled extensively as a conference speaker, teaching on a wide variety of topics that includes: spiritual gifts; healing and deliverance; prophecy; spiritual formation and leadership development, and biblical exposition. Ken also has over 20 years of experience as a senior financial executive with Fortune 500 corporations where he specialized in financial management, corporate strategy, and organizational transformation. Ken resides with his wife Beth and their three children in South Bay, Los Angeles, California

And what Ken has to say about the vision Kingdom Fire Ministries:

Renewal is the first stage of visitation, and it occurs when the Spirit of God comes upon a group of believers, a fellowship (local congregation), a denomination, or even a geographic region. The result is an invigorated spiritual vitality (often called “outpouring” or “awakening”), the return of backslidden believers (sometimes termed “the return of the prodigals”), and new conversions. Renewal can occur in a single meeting or occur over a period of years or decades, depending upon the administrative gifts brought to bear upon it (known in secular language as “governance”). Renewal is chiefly for and about the Church, which is a unique institution in every society because it consists of people who are citizens of the kingdom of heaven in addition to their earthly nationality.

Revival is the second stage of visitation, and it occurs when Renewal spreads outside of the Church. During Revival, large numbers of backslidden believers and unbelievers are gathered into the churches in a region. Society begins to change as a result of this ingathering. By definition, the religious milieu is affected, as new ways of expressing old truths come to the fore and as more culturally current and authentic expressions of faith (sometimes called “new wineskins”) emerge. As a consequence, family dynamics are almost immediately affected, with restoration and reconciliation occurring between spouses, parents and children, and siblings.  Educational institutions are impacted as new institutions of learning emerge and as curriculum is revised to reflect, to propagate and to preserve the new and newly-rediscovered teachings of the day. The realm of government and politics is affected as believers take a more active interest in their world, and as they vote their newly-regenerate conscience. Laws may be enacted that reflect the beliefs of the people in the society, but as a result of the visitation, not as its cause. Business becomes more productive and ethical as believers seek to honor Christ in their workplace.  Popular culture is affected as new media, music, and literature that reflect the new mores of the society emerge. Even the military is affected, as the motives for and methods of warfare are re-examined in the light of biblical revelation.

Reformation is the third stage of visitation, and it encompasses both renewal and revival. At its heart, reformation is propagated through the transformation of worldview. Worldview transformation is a slower process than either renewal or revival, but it is the only way to ensure that today’s revivals will continue having lasting impact 200+ years into the future. During renewal and revival, many of the outward behaviors, customs, and institutions of a civilization may change, but if the worldview remains the same, the behaviors will revert to old patterns. This is most clearly seen in the cycle of evil kings/good kings in the Old Testament. Israel repeatedly returned to old habits of worshipping at the high places (II Ki. 12:3) because their worldview retained the pagan assumptions that they had assimilated while in Egypt. After leaving Egypt, Israelite syncretism improved for a period, but then it worsened dramatically after the settlement of Canaan. The mixed religious practice of Israel and Judah ultimately resulted in the destruction of both societies. Since actions follow beliefs, Kingdom Fire Ministries has a long-term goal of peacefully changing the deep structure of people’s worldviews to reflect a Christian worldview and the reality of God’s Kingdom in their lives.

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